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one2onetracker is a Prepayment Pay as you Go Service; similar to a mobile phone account; there is an initial payment which is then run down by a monthly charge.

Charges are monthly based. So if you signed up on the 11th of the month with 50 active records, but increased to 55 during that month; the charging for the 55 will only start on the 11th of the next month. There is a minimum payment of 20 records per month.

If you chose to stop using the Service you will only pay for the month in which termination request occurred. Any credit balance on your account will be refunded to you within 10 working days of that month end.

Payment Set up and Top Up payments can be made by a BACS transfer, Standing Order or International transfer.

Payment begins after a 60 day free trial period and can be made in £GBP, $USD or €Euro.

If would you like more information about the roles of Account Manager and Administrator, or our Terms and Conditions of Service; Privacy Statement, and the benefits of Software as a Service please click on the links.

If you are content please sign up now as the Account Manager; this can be changed to a different person once Service is established.

The Desired URL address is your unique website within the one2onetracker system. You have up to 30 letters, minimum 4, to be used as the identifier for your organisation. Please note: the following characters cannot be used in your Desired URL and will be removed: '   "   ;   &   /   \   .   :   space < > ,

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We shall contact you after 45 days use to determine if you wish to continue using the Service after the 60 day free trial has expired; if you do not there will be no charge.

If you wish to continue we will ask that you ensure an Initial Payment is made sufficient for the Service to continue without interruption.