Employee Performance Management by regular reviews; progress and performance objectives; and a staff performance appraisal

Many team leaders have regular progress reviews, monthly, 6 weekly or bi monthly to discuss progress of operational objectives with their team members
The one2onetracker tool uses this meeting not only to review and record short term operational goals, but to discuss the personal performance that created the progress.

This will mean measuring performance against the competences and behaviours required by the job; those often found in the job description. Once discussed the first steps to a personal development plan can be taken; and progress reviewed using one2onetracker

one2one meetingThe benefits of self improvement always seem more relevant when discussing the exceptional or disappointing operational progress of a current project; rather than an annual performance appraisal.

one2onetracker provides a structure that can measure and record progress and performance in two separate areas of staff engagement. An individual's Permanent roles and responsibilities and Timed operational objectives.

Permanent Objectives for a Personal Development Plan; SMART objectives for operational delivery. What gets discussed gets recorded; what gets recorded gets measured; what gets measured gets managed.

Agendas not only contain current objectives but also discussion points that can be common for all staff, or set for departments, teams or individuals.

one2onetracker creates a framework of communication and user designed mutually agreed PDF records; agendas and minutes that can be exported to existing HR and project systems. Data can also be imported into objectives and discussions. All reports can be produced as PDF's and pinned to existing HR & Project Management software packages.

Brings all operational progress reviews to a consistent process across the organisation, whilst providing users with a flexibility of engagement style. Delivers relevance and order to discussions and moves them beyond a "quick chat" or a "heads up" into effective meetings.

A habit of regular routines through the year; rather than an "annual event"

All the one2one review outputs are carried forward to enable a formal annual appraisal to take place using records created throughout the year.